Saturday, September 24, 2016

Tripura: Meet Manisha Hazarika, the passionate propagator of Bhupendra sangeet

AGARTALA:  It was Bhupen Hazarika’s unique style of penning songs that immortalized his creations as ‘Bhupendra Sangeet’ when he was a living legend. Known for portraying the social life of Assam and voicing for commoners, Hazarika was undoubtedly a people’s artist. Musicians say that the great singer will be remembered for his versatility.

‘Music is my life, my family and I want to dedicate my life for music.’ Generally, music artists or music lovers utter the line to make others understand the strong bond between them and the music. But there is one singer who has decided to spread songs written by her elder brother-in-law to each and every corner of the country and global as well. She is Manisha Hazarika.

Priyanka Deb Barman from TNT- The Northeast Today met Manisha Hazarika during her one-day stay in Agartala. Born in a music background family in Kolkata, Manisha got married to renowned Assam-based music composer Jayant Hazarika, younger brother of music maestro Bhupen Hazarika when she was 19 years old. She discovered her as luckiest woman who got a platform to nurture her talent in her in-laws’ house.......

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Saturday, September 10, 2016

State remembers Jajabor on 90th birth anniversary

GUWAHATI: From Sadiya to Dhubri, Assam celebrated the 90th birth anniversary of Bhupen Hazarika on Thursday.

Guwahati marked the occasion with celebrations across the city - the Bhupen Hazarika Memorial at Jalukbari, adjacent to Gauhati University, Dighilipukhuri, the Bhupen Hazarika Museum in Srimanta Sankardev Kalakshetra (SSK), among other places in and around the city.

"We paid tribute to our beloved Bhupen da at the Kalakshetra museum. We should strive to follow his ideals, his philosophy. That is the best possible way to keep his legacy alive," Padma Shree recipient Surjya Hazarika said. He is the vice president of SSK and compiler of Hazarika's long-listed works.

Former chief minister Tarun Gogoi, after paying tribute to the doyen, expressed his dismay over the absence of important dignitaries from the new state government.

"The Majuli programme could have been scheduled a day later or earlier. The day was an important one. There should have been a representation from the state government at the memorial site," Gogoi said.

On Hazarika's 90th birth anniversary, the state government declared the largest river island in the world, Majuli, as the 35th district of Assam. Because of the official function at Majuli, the representation of important ministers from the state government was negligible at the memorial site.

Amid all the fanfare and cultural extravaganza, senior Aasu leaders demanded that the Guwahati railway station be rechristened after Bhupen Hazarika.

"His former living quarters in the city should also be made into a site for heritage. More land should be given to the memorial site," said Aasu adviser Samujjal Bhattacharya.

দোহারের সুরে ভূপেন হাজারিকা উত্সবের সমাপ্তি

ভূপেন হাজারিকার গানে মিশে রয়েছে মানুষকে ভালোবাসার কথা। কথা সুর সবকিছুর মূল লক্ষ্য মানুষ। সেই মানুষ কখনো প্রেমিকা, কখনো নিরন্ন নিপীড়িত মানুষ। বাংলাদেশ ও ভারতের সাংস্কৃতিক সংগঠন মিলে মানুষের মাঝে সেই ভালোবাসার কথাই ছড়িয়ে দিল গানে গানে। দুই দিনের এ আয়োজনের শেষ দিন গতকাল বৃহস্পতিবার কলকাতার জনপ্রিয় ব্যান্ডদল দোহারের গানের সুরে শেষ হয় এ আয়োজন। সঙ্গীতজ্ঞ ভূপেন হাজারিকার ৯০তম জন্মজয়ন্তী উপলক্ষে শিল্পকলা একাডেমির জাতীয় নাট্যশালার মূল মিলনায়তনে যৌথভাবে এ আয়োজন করে ফ্রেন্ডস অব বাংলাদেশ ও বাংলাদেশ শিল্পকলা একাডেমি। সহযোগিতায় ছিল ভূপেন হাজারিকা কালচারাল ট্রাস্ট।

সমাপনী আয়োজনে প্রধান অতিথি ছিলেন প্রধানমন্ত্রীর পররাষ্ট্র বিষয়ক উপদেষ্টা ড. গওহর রিজভী। বিশেষ অতিথি ছিলেন সম্মিলিত সাংস্কৃতিক জোটের সভাপতি গোলাম কুদ্দুছ, সাংবাদিক অজিত ভূইয়া ও সংসদ সদস্য পংকজ নাথ। আলোচনা করেন বিহারের সঙ্গীতশিল্পী কালিকা প্রসাদ ও স্বাগত বক্তব্য রাখেন বিএফইউজে সভাপতি মনজুরুল আহসান বুলবুল। সভাপতিত্ব করেন ফ্রেন্ডস অব বাংলাদেশের সমন্বয়ক এ এস এম সামছুল আরেফিন।

জন্মজয়ন্তী উপলক্ষে বুধ ও বৃহস্পতিবার ভূপেন হাজারিকার সঙ্গীত দর্শন ও গায়কি নিয়ে কর্মশালা আয়োজিত হয়। এতে প্রশিক্ষক ছিলেন ভূপেন হাজারিকার ভাইয়ের স্ত্রী মনীষা হাজারিকা ও লিয়াকত আলী লাকী।

The melody lingers on

‘Jookto’ is an initiative to connect people and minds from different cultures over similar ideas through multiple platforms.

Babul Supriyo, Minister of State for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, attended the event as a distinguished guest. During his speech, Supriyo, who himself is a singer, mentioned that he feels fortunate that he got a chance to work with Hazarika. He believes that the doyen singer continues to stay in people’s hearts and memories through his music and that his legacy should be carried forward.

“I do not believe in death. I think souls continue to live on even as the bodies cease to exist. He (Hazarika) is somewhere here, breathing with us and listening to the music that celebrates his name,” he added. ‘Jookto’ co-founder Subimal Bhattacharjee, while delivering the welcome speech called Hazarika a genius, and a rare human being who was God’s gift to mankind. “Bhupen Hazarika is an inspiration to the present and the future generations because of his message to the people to preserve humanity and to unite one and all” he said.

A panel involving Subhalakshmi Khan, Samudra Gupta Kashyap, Kumar Sanjay Krishna and Sanajay Hazarika discussed the music veteran’s contribution and work towards human integration and unity. The discussion was moderated by Utpal Borpujari.

During the discussion, the panelists shared their individual memories of Hazarika. Subhalakshmi Khan who was closely acquainted with Hazarika said, “He was the man of masses who knew what to compose according to situation.”

Violinist Sunita Bhuyan, and singer Ashimjyoti Baruah paid musical tributes to the singer. Bhuyan played various songs including ‘Buku Hum Hum Kare’ composed by Hazarika. She also played a fusion of Scottish and Assamese folk song.

The event also marked the launch of ‘Bordoisila’ an initiative to uphold, protect, and preserve the Assamese culture globally. It was followed by a video message from the film director Kalpana Lajami.

Born on September 8 1926, in Sadiya, Assam, Bhupen Hazarika is known for thousands of songs written and sung mainly in Assamese. He is also known for introducing Assamese folk song, music, and culture to the Hindi film industry.  He received various awards including Sangeet Natak Akademi Award, Padmshri, and Padmabhusan for his contributions to music industry.