Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lovers from the silver screen

MUMBAI: Love, lust and all things exciting have always been part of India's largest dream factory. Through the ages, Bollywood's extramarital couples have attracted more cynosure than the married ones.

Director Guru Dutt and his prized discovery Waheeda Rehman were seen together often enough for people to look for one upon spotting the other. Later, when she moved on, the sensitive Dutt ended his life.

Such passionate togetherness wasn't rare even in the 1940s when Indian cinema was in its infancy. The debonair and rakish actor Motilal was invariably spotted in the company of the sophisticated Shobhana Samarth.

Though both were in comfortable marriages and claimed to be just buddies, filmdom looked on Shobhana and Motilal as the perfect match.

When 47-year-old filmmaker Kalpana Lajmi and septuagenarian Bhupen Hazarika are seen sharing an exceptional togetherness, people presume them to be the ideal couple.

Lajmi laughs throatily. "It isn't that way at all... Bhupenda has been a father figure and mentor for years and years. I can't imagine a life without him."

Though the music composer stays in Lajmi's house in Mumbai with her parents, she insists: "We're everything but lovers.''

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