Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Bhupen Hazarika: The Roving Minstrel
by Arup Kumar Dutta

From The Jacket
When Bhupen Hazarika sings, you can hear the voices of the lonely boatman on the Brahmaputra, the women picking tea leaves and the joyous rhythms of Bihu.

For the last fifty years Bhupen Hazarika has worked ceaselessly to use his music as an instrument of social change, introducing Assamese culture to the rest of India and taking it to the world.

Singer, lyricist, composer, film-maker and journalist, Bhupen Hazarika's creative spirit has moved through myriad fields. But at heart he remains an eternal jajabor, the dreamy-eyed nomad, wondering the land singing of the hopes and dreams, the sadness and joys of common people.

Charitavali is a series of biographies dedicated to the legendary figures of India. The series presents the lives of great kings, freedom fighters, political thinkers, social reformers, pioneers of industry, eminent scientists, philosophers, artists, musicians, dancers and film stars, writers and sports people. These biographies have been written for the reader who is curious about the life, achievements and character o these legends. Full of fascinating stories and facts, written in an easy, story telling style, these biographies will make these great Indians and their times come alive for the reader.
Book Details :
ISBN: 8129100150
Format: Hardcover, 80p., Plates; 17cm.
Pub. Date: Jan 2002 , 1st ed.
Publisher: Rupa & Co.
Language: English

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