Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bhupen Hazarika calls on Mahanta

Guwahati, In a surprising gesture, music maestro Bhupen Hazarika called on former Assam Chief Minister Prafulla Kumar Mahanta at the latter’s official residence here last night.
Along with Dr Hazarika, Ms Kalpana Lajmi and Mrs Manisha Hazarika had also gone to Mr Mahanta’s house.
Although dubbed as a ”private” visit, the move was construed to be significant politically as Mr Mahanta is in political hibernation since he has returned to the main AGP fold.
A former MLA in the seventies, Dr Hazarika contested last Lok Sabha election as a BJP candidate in Guwahati but lost to Congress candidate Kirip Chaliha.

source : at 25 February, 2009