Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Insight Report of Youtube Video -Ganga

Today I was checking the Youtube Insight Report of one Youtube video – Ganga , which was uploaded around one & half years back , As it’s a live video the quality of video & sound is not up to the mark , however nice to see the immense response from every corner of the world ….

Here is the report summary :

Total Number of visit : 54,728

Average visitors per day : 108

Comment on the video : 43

Favorited : 178 times

Visitors Age : From 13 years to 65+

Male Visitors : 83%

Female Visitors : 17%

Few Snapshots

Worldwide Visitors

Visitors from India
Visitors from Japan
Visitors from Germany
Visitors from Canada
Visitors from UK
Visitors from USA
Visitors from Australia
Visitors from France

Demographics of India

Demographics -Worldwide visit
Demographics of USA
Demographics of UK
Demographics of Japan

This information is now available to all youtube video uploaders with an innovative new feature for insight called "Hot Spots." The Hot Spots tab in insight plays your video alongside a graph that shows the ups-and-downs of viewership at different moments within the video. We determine "hot" and "cold" spots by comparing your video's abandonment rate at that moment to other videos on youtube of the same length, and incorporating data about rewinds and fast-forwards. So what
does that mean? Well, when the graph goes up, your video is hot: few viewers are leaving, and many are even rewinding on the control bar to see that sequence again. When the graph goes down, your content's gone cold: many viewers are moving to another part of the video or leaving the video entirely.