Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jiboner Kisu Kisu Rong-- One song from the movie Ekhane Pinjar

Story :Amol Basu is an eminent writer. He accidentally met Nabyendu in a police station. An intimate conversation with him reveals that Nabyendu actually is an educated and good person. But now he is being treated only as a criminal. According to Nabyendu, his environment, his poverty and present scenario is responsible for that. Amol was trying to search a good job for Nabyendu….Amol tried to his level best. But couldn't. Unfortunately one day Nabyendu died in an encounter with the police. Amol went to Nabyendu’s native place Birpur. Observing their poverty and miserable condition he could not tell the bitter truth. And gradually he became one of the family friends and well wishers of Nabyendu’s family. And then? You have to watch the whole movie to see how did he overcome the difficult situation .

Movie release year: 1970
Movie language: Bengali
Producer: Kala Mandir
Director: Jaatrik
Music Director: Bhupen Hazarika
Star Cast: Uttam Kumar, Aparna Sen, Dilip Mukherjee, Aparna Debi, Tarun Kumar, Ratna Ghoshal and many more.

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