Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Star Cement advetisement

Above Photograph taken from a Ad banner seen in AT Road , Nagaon , Assam (on 8th March '10)
Related News : Bhupenda in a new music Video of Star Cement
''.......P9 Integrated is also creating a music video for Star Cement featuring well known music artist Bhupen Hazarika, the rock singer Lou Majow, pop / gospel singer Mami Varte, and the popular Tollywood actor Prosenjit. P9 will be managing the lyricists, composers, and director for the music video. The music video will be shot in English and four different regional languages of North-East India including Khasi (Meghalaya), Assamese (Assam), Bengali (Barak Valley and Tripura), and Mizo (Mizoram). ''
News Source : http://www.perceptindia.in/newsletter/p2m_jan10/newswatch.html