Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bhupen-Bappi Curry

Amita Malik , Outlook India , 19 Oct 1998

It was fitting that these brilliant singers were invited to a Bengali home to sing for a small gathering of about 30 people, followed by a typical multi-course Bengali dinner. After we had listened in admiring silence, it was the turn of our very own Bhupen Hazarika to return the compliment from the Indian side. And on special request he sang not only his usual Ganga song (Ole Man River in thin disguise) but also a lilting Assamese Bihu song, which went straight to the heart. While he was singing, a very fair-complexioned and rather plump man in dark glasses waved away the young tabalchi and took over the tablas. Who else, but Bappi Lahiri, who put in some spirited tabla magic followed by a Bengali song or two. But alas, Bombay rhythms soon took over.

One was rather glad that dinner was served, a wonderful prawn malai curry, rui macher kalia, mochar chop, the lot. And, of course, mishti doi and rosomalai to follow. A wonderful finale to a wonderful trip to Bombay.