Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It makes me very emotional - Bhupen Hazarika

Schemes to Beautify Brahmaputra Bank
The Telegraph : November 2 , 2010
Guwahati, Nov. 1: “It makes me very emotional,” Bhupen Hazarika today said, thinking of his younger brother Rana, whom he lost in the seventies.

As the strum of his guitar and his evergreen voice today echoed through the air when GDD minister Himanta Biswa Sarma announced that a statue of Jayanta Hazarika would be put up at Nizarapar, home to Assam’s first and most famous musical family, the older brother’s voice broke over the phone as he spoke of the times that were.

“Rana’s not being there makes me and my music feel without a backbone,” Hazarika told The Telegraph. “I hope his soul rests in peace and wish people would research his music.”

For Jayanta Hazarika’s Bengal-born wife Manisha Hazarika, who stayed back in Assam after her husband’s demise in 1977, “I may be Bengal’s daughter but I am Assam’s daughter-in-law.” She is believed to have said this after Hazarika’s body was flown into the city from Calcutta.

She was “eternally grateful for the recognition that people had given to Jayanta Hazarika’s music. “There can be no better news than this,” she said. Announcing the move among a slew of schemes as part of the proposed city beautification this morning, the GDD minister said he planned to start the drive by vacating the landmark bungalows facing the riverfront by this month.

“The DC’s bungalow and others (residences) along the Brahmaputra will be vacated within this month. The panoramic view of the mighty Brahmaputra as seen from the bungalows should not be confined to a few people and everyone should get an opportunity to enjoy it. And work on the proposed beautification along the bank will be carried out at the earliest,” Sarma said, at an open meeting to inaugurate the renovated Silpukhuri tank today.

The minister said a sum of Rs 1 crore was allocated to renovate the Navagraha crematorium.

“Upgrade of the Navagraha crematorium has been a long-felt need of the people here. Not only this, I am happy to allocate another fund for the renovation of two graveyards — near B. Borooah College and at Athgaon,” said Sarma.

Renovation of the historic pond started in 2006 and a cost of nearly Rs 60 lakh was incurred in the work.

“Silpukhuri is a major landmark of the city and today we have been able to give it a new look, thanks to the efforts of the local people, Silpukhuri Suraksha Samiti and the department concerned,” the minister said.

“To further beautify the tank and its environs, I will suggest removal of the wall facing GNB Road so that passersby too can enjoy its beauty,” he added.

“Since its inception, the tank was used by the local people for their daily chores. Today, we have got something which we needed for a long time — a clean, beautiful and placid Silpukhuri,” said Badal Das, the secretary of the Silpukhuri Suraksha Samiti.

The GDD minister also announced schemes for renovation of the Umananda temple, Sukreshwar Ghat and Kali Mandir field, among others.