Saturday, December 11, 2010

Artiste fraternity urges media to leave Bhupen Hazarika 'alone'

Guwahati, Dec 11 : The close scrutiny of personal life of music maestro Dr Bhupen Hazarkia by Assam media in the last few weeks have led to an appeal by the artiste community of the state not to 'stifle' the bard with 'excess love'.

A major controversy had erupted in the state last month over Dadasaheb Bhalke awardee Dr Hazarika's legacy after reports were published of the veteran musician participating in an advertisement shoot for a cement company.

He had to be carried on a chair to reach the shooting venue as his frail health made it impossible to walk beyond a few steps.

Soon after, local media had flashed copies of his purported Will, in which he has reportedly named filmmaker and his companion Kalpana Lajmi as the main heir to his property.

As the controversies over Dr Hazarika continue to grow, the artiste fraternity of the state has come out in his support.

Urging the people and media to refrain from trying to enter his personal life, a statement issued by the artiste fraternity and signed by internationally acclaimed filmmaker Jahnu Barua said, ''Reports in a section of the media in Assam centered around Bhupen Hazarika's personal issues have caused the artiste fraternity immense pain.'' ''We feel that the issue is absolutely personal which should be left on the individual in question in general,'' the statement added.

Appealing that an artiste must not be 'dictated by any external agency in expressing the self', the statement further said, ''When the artiste in question is someone who is unrivalled and unparalleled in his contributions to the state, there is an added responsibility enjoined upon the society to allow him the leeway.'' Stating that Dr Hazarika always viewed himself as a citizen of the world, the artiste fraternity appealed for restrain and deference towards the senior musician who is not in the best of his health now.

''We are sure that there was no underlying intent while presenting the report, but love, in excess, at times could stifle.

We therefore request everyone to leave him alone,'' the statement added.
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