Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chameli’ sees film, 35 yrs later

Guwahati, Dec. 7: Binita Buragohain watched one of the biggest ever Assamese hits, Chameli Memsaab, for the first time, 35 years after it was made. And Binita herself was Chameli Memsaab!

Binita revealed this today saying she wanted to make a comeback to films.

The film was about a garden manager falling in love with a tea community girl.

“I was very hurt at not being invited for the premiere of the film and so I decided never to see it,” she said. “I finally saw it on a CD only this year... it was a very enlightening experience.”

However, she added that one of the songs was missing on the CD version.

The CD was given to her by Abdul Majid, the director of the award-winning movie.

“Old Assamese cinema needs to be preserved. Only then will the present generation be able to get an insight into its past,” she said, referring to the missing song.

Recalling the days of making the film, Binita said, “Those days were different unlike now. The unit was like a well-knit family and all of us worked very hard to complete the film.”

Bhupen Hazarika won the national award for his song in the film. After Chameli Memsaab, Binita acted in Bisesh Erati and Xon Tora.