Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm Hazarika's wife: Kalpana Lajmi

Announced filmmaker Kalpana Lajmi to a rowdy mob of people, who asked her who she was to stop them from meeting Dr Bhupen Hazarika

Recently, when Dr Bhupen Hazarika got caught in mob frenzy, his long-time companion, filmmaker Kalpana Lajmi, came to his rescue.

Lajmi, who has been living-in with the 84-year-old director-music composer for over four decades, called herself "his wife" for the very first time.

Hazarika was travelling and shooting for a new music video, Our North East, Our Star, when a mob from a small town called Chandrapur near Guwahati, Assam, pounced on him, intending to just touch him and talk to him.

Hazarika tried reasoning with them but did not succeed. "When they could not get close to him they got angry and unruly," says a representative of Star Cement, the company handling the project.

In fact, an exceptionally rowdy section of the crowd began asking Kalpana Lajmi why she was not letting them get close to Hazarika. "They asked Kalpanaji who she was to stop them from making contact with him. She replied, 'I am his wife,'" says a source present on the sets.

Lajmi was 17 and Hazarika 45, when she fell in love with him. Though Hazarika had a son from his earlier marriage to Priyamvada, Lajmi didn't think twice before leaving home to start living with him. But in all these years, Lajmi and Hazarika never married.

Two years ago, when asked why she didn't ever feel the need to marry him, Lajmi had said, "A few months ago, my mother told me for the nth time that I should marry Bhupen now. And I turned around and asked her, 'Why mom? Just because a piece of paper (read marriage certificate) will calm you down?"

Ironically, only when Lajmi called herself Hazarika's wife recently, did a mob actually calm down.

—Sanskriti Media and Entertainment