Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bollywood pays tribute to Bhupen Hazarika !

Bhupen Hazarika, the legend passed away a month back and Bollywood is still in the state of shock. Bollywood came in huge number to pay their tribute to the multi talented artist.

Jaya Bachchan was spotted at the prayer meet and didn't want to say much. She just said, "He was a legend and a great man. I cannot confine him to one field."

When asked about Bhupen Da, singer Shreya Ghoshal said, "He was a great man, I always wanted to work with him. But unfortunately by the time I came in the industry, he was too ill to work. Whenever we met at an event, he always blessed me and praised me."
There is no doubt that he was legend, but Pritam feels that his success should be celebrated in a bigger way, "He was a man with excellence. I have always told this and again I want to mention that he should be awarded with the Bharat Ratan Award," said Pritam.

Shabana Azmi also praised the artist. She said, "This is the best way of remembering him. He was a legend and the best."
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