Monday, February 6, 2012

Bhupen Hazarika’s album released

The Assam Tribune , 06 February 2012

NORTH GUWAHATI, Feb 5 – A music album covering the songs sung by ‘Amritoshyo Putra’ Dr Bhupen Hazarika, at the Judge’s Field, Guwahati, on April 13, 2002 as live programme conceived, directed and produced by Promod Saikia, heritage North East, village Madhupur, College Nagar, North Guwahati, was released for the public recently.

In the album, a rare joint photos of the music mastro and Promod Saikia, of All India Radio, has been presented. The uncommon photograph of the late Sudhakantha was taken by wing commander PL Barooah of Indian Air Force (son of Raibahadur Kanak Lal Barooah) in New Delhi in the year 1966.

In the live programme covered in the album ‘Kavi Samrat’, late Nava Kanta Barooah, was invited to the died by the celebrated singer Dr Hazarika in presenting the song ‘Niyarare phool, apah fulil, apah Seoil.....’ written by the poet in memory of his late second daughter.