Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tej Hazarika proposes a new trust to safeguard and propagate Dr Bhupen Hazarika’s legacy

Dear Fans and Followers of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika,

End of December 2011 the following draft proposal for a new trust for my father's legacy was presented to the Govt. of Assam. Since my departure from Assam on November 26th I had been in touch with my family and associates drafting the same proposal, the gist of which I am now making public. While work in the field proceeds unabated, still absent is a universally accepted trust for Dr. Bhupen Hazarika.

*This public statement is not a tool to pressurize anyone, including the Govt. of Assam, to accept my idea; I am releasing this due to the requests and demands of a number of people in Assam who are evidently concerned about the legacy of Bhupenda.*

Cremating my father was a profound blessing. Like his song, I find myself on a confluence of oceans. I feel accepted even as something is expected of me. I opt to honor the motherland through my service. After all I was born in India and for the knowledge of all who do not know, I have been working here through various foundations for many years now. So I regret any disturbance I may have caused people while they grieved. However when I made my views public, I was only reflecting the public's perception and concern about the representation. It surfaced questions and triggered a necessary forum for previously repressed feelings and positions. Honesty and transparency should be key elements supporting his legacy. I have my personal history with my father, my mother, his siblings, and his partner. I had no choice but to make known my deep reservations and to announce the formation of a new popular trust.Read More ......

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