Monday, May 7, 2012

Archival gallery dedicated to Bhupen Hazarika inaugurated

GUWAHATI: On the occasion of Annual Archives Celebration Week on Monday, agriculture and horticulture minister Nilamani Sen Deka said the precious and valuable archives of the state haven't been utilized properly and that the government must go for digitization and computerization of the archives.

The minister was speaking at the Directorate of Archives where a special gallery dedicated to Bhupen Hazarika was also opened.The week-long celebration has been organized to create awareness among academicians, students, scholars, administrators and the general public about the importance of archival materials and take a peep into the past. The event will showcase about 50 items dating back to 1950.

"The remains of the past play an important role in future. It is really sad that the archives haven't been properly utilized. If anyone makes an attempt to write a book on historical significance of state politics, then the person concerned must consult the archives without which the work will have no meaning," said Deka. He added that writers can also do the same.

On the issue of computerization and digitization, the minister said the state must make an effort in this process and urged people to preserve the precious documents so that a cultural and scientific temperament could be ushered in society.

A special archival gallery dedicated to Bhupen Hazarika was also inaugurated at the directorate. Rare photographs of Hazarika's childhood days, letters written by him and addressed to him, books and other items have been put on display here. The gallery has a special section depicting the doyen's journey from childhood to his death. Kamal Kotoki, a long time close aide of Hazarika, said, "Through this initiative, people who have vague knowledge about him can find an opportunity to learn about him."

The Assam State Archives was established in 1980 and has valuable records dating back to more than 100 years.

Source : The Times of India , May 7 ,2012