Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bhupen seminar from May 24

Source: The Times of India , May 17 , 2012

GUWAHATI: The Institute of North East Studies, Gauhati University will organize a national seminar on the contribution of late Bhupen Hazarika to society on May 24.

The national seminar will focus not only on the talent of the doyen, but also on the profound effect he had on society. The seminar will have people from both academic and non-academic backgrounds participating in it. It will give the participants an opportunity to present their research papers on Hazarika, his work and his contribution towards society.

"We will be focusing on the humanitarian contribution of Hazarika towards society, art and culture and other social aspects. We have received a positive response from different parts of the country. Many people from various educational institutions of the country have submitted their papers; an academician from the College of Applied Art, Oman has also submitted a paper on Hazarika. The crux of the seminar will be the humanitarian contribution of Hazarika through his work," said Umesh Deka, director and coordinator of the Institute of North East Studies, Gauhati University.

The seminar will continue till May 26 and throughout the course of the seminar, there will be plenary, academic and interactive sessions, round table conferences and cultural events. Over 100 participants from the northeast and 200 from different parts of the country are expected to take part in the seminar.

"We have also sent an invitation to Kalpana Lajmi, family members of Hazarika, Aasu leaders and important persons related to culture. Governor JB Patnaik, chief minister Tarun Gogoi and theatre personality Ratna Ojha are expected to attend the seminar," added Deka.