Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Plays on Bhupen Hazarika run to packed houses

The Times of India , Sep 4, 2012
: "Era Bator Sur" and "Tez", two plays partly based on Bhupen Hazarika's life and times were staged by two Patshala-based mobile theatre groups in the last week of August. Abhijeet Bhattacharya, who has directed and written them, said "Tez" or blood, talks about the maestro's relationships with his near and dear ones. It was staged by Abahan Theatre. "Era Bator Sur" or tune of the beaten path, staged by Kohinoor Theatre, made its debut a week ago in Patshala. Through symbolism, "Era Bator Sur" depicts why Hazarika despite being an icon of his land had to move out of the state to pursue his career. Tapan Das, a seasoned Assamese actor, plays Hazarika in "Era Bator Sur" while popular actor Ravi Sarma portrays Hazarika both as a young and a middle aged man in "Tez." Read More ......