Monday, October 29, 2012

Manipur pays tribute to music and film maestro Bhupen Hazarika

Imphal, Oct. 29 (ANI): Assamese folk legend Bhupen Hazarika may have passed away, but he still lives on the hearts and minds of the people of the north-east.

Recently, a concert was organized in Imphal on his first death anniversary.
The magic of Hazarika's songs mesmerized every one who visited the BheigyaChandra Open Air theatre in Imphal on October 20. 

The concert, 'A Homage to Dr Bhupen Hazarika from Manipur', organized under the aegis of Rongali Bihu Celebration Committee, saw singers from different parts of the state presenting Bhupen Da's music in Manipuri. 

An album, comprising of 22 songs by Bhupen Hazarika, and translated to Manipuri, was also released during the event. 

Though Bhupenda never performed in Manipur, but he has many fans in the state.
"I feel good to be part of this event. Though I never saw late Bhupen Hazarika performing when he was alive but through this event I got an opportunity to remember him again, and find out more about him," said Sarita Gazmer, a singer.

"Some of Bhupen Hazarika's songs have been translated into Manipuri language. They were released today. We will soon release this album in Assam as well. The event will definitely foster better relations between Assam and Manipur," Hazarika's brother Samar said.

Eminent singers and other dignitaries like filmmaker Aribam Syam Sharma and noted Assamese singer and music director J P Das attended the event and paid floral tributes to the legendary singer.
A presentation showcasing different phases of Bhupen Hazarika's life, his achievements and contributions to the field of music was made during the event.

"It is a good occasion and also the right time to get to know each other better. It is a great pleasure for me to be part of the event," said L. Keshor, Assistant Director, Arts and Culture Department, Manipur.
The iconic singer-composer passed away on November 5 last year. He was 85. (ANI)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dr Hazarika’s annual shraddha observed

GUWAHATI, Oct 25 – The first annual shraddha of singer Dr Bhupen Hazarika was solemnized with Vedic rituals by his family members – including his wife Priyambada Hazarika and son Tez Hazarika – at the Ashwaklanta temple in North Guwahati today.

Priyambada and Tez had arrived in the city from the USA yesterday, specially for the purpose of attending Dr Hazarika’s shraddha. They would be staying in Assam for about a month.
Various cultural organizations and members from the general public also joined the occasion, which was also observed at the singer’s Nizarapar residence.

Representatives from Dr Bhupen Hazarika Literary and Cultural Forum, Deepak Sangha, and Akhat Athaba Silpa were among those who attended the shraddha ceremony at Ashwaklanta temple.
Source : The Assam Tribune , 26 Oct 2012

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Film Maniram Dewan now available in DVD format

GUWAHATI, Oct 14 – The DVD of the famous Assamese film Maniram Dewan, based on the life of the 1857-rebellion martyr Maniram Dewan, is now available in the market

According to the family sources of the late Apurba Choudhury, the producer of the film, the DVDs of the film were available at the Guwahati Book Fair stalls of the Asam Sahitya Sabha and the Satirtha held recently. DVDs of the film are also available at the Pan Bazar showroom of the Bharali Brothers. Read More ....

Music Cassette Cover - Panee & Rit Angtong

Project Siro Jugomiya

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Assam to institute award after Bhupen Hazarika

Guwahati :The Assam government will institute an international music award in the name of legendary singer Bhupen Hazarika.

Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi announced this Friday after a meeting with the Bhupen Hazarika Memorial Scheme Implementation Advisory Committee.

The award will be known as Bhupen Hazarika International Award for Brotherhood Through Music, Gogoi said.

The decision was taken to make the ideals and invaluable creations of the balladeer immortal.

A genius, Hazarika was a poet, music composer, singer, actor, journalist, author and film-maker of repute.
He was the only pioneer of Assam's film industry, and was hailed as the uncrowned king of northeast India's cultural world.

Hazarika passed away in November last year in Mumbai.

The Assam government has also decided to create a light and sound show at the Srimanta Sankardev Kalakshetra, a cultural complex here, to reflect the creative works of Hazarika.

The meeting also decided to create a Bhupen Hazarika Memorial Trust and upgrade the existing Bhupen Hazrika Museum to a full fledged one, Gogoi said.

Friday, October 12, 2012


A universal event initiated by BHLCFA to commemorate the 1st death anniversary of Dr. Bupen Hazarika and spread his eternal message of peace & solidarity amongst the peoples of the world .

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kalpana Lajmi under attack from Hazarika Jr

Ever since Bhupen-da passed away, his son Tej has been questioning the filmmaker's place in his late father's life and allegedly insinuating she has been misusing his name

Since the demise of Assamese musical legend Bhupen Hazarika, his companion of over 30 years Kalpana Lajmi has been under attack from the late maestro's son Tej Hazarika. Tej has been questioning Lajmi's place in his father's life and allegedly insinuating she has been misusing his name and funds.

 Without mincing words, Lajmi told TOI, "Tej has not only made veiled and direct accusations against me but also against all eminent members of the Bhupen Hazarika Cultural Trust that was formed by Bhupen himself ten years ago."

Thefilmmakeraddedwryly,"Sixty three year old Tej lives in New York. Bhupen hadn't seen his estranged son since childhood. It's a tragedy that a great soul like Bhupen never got any love or support from his only son during his lifetime. And now after his death, the very same son makes blasphemous accusations thatreekofgreed,therebytarnishing his greatly revered father's legendary stature."

To add to Lajmi's woes, a new biography on the legendary musician titled Undying Maestro by Syed Zarir Husain lays bare the conflict between his family and the filmmaker. It even hints Lajmi tampered with Hazarika's will to her own advantage. Regretting that the ongoing battle between Tej and her should be part of what she calls a coffee table book, Lajmi said, "I suppose all authors have the right to self-expression. I am glad the so-called battle is out in the public domain. Let Bhupen's fans and admirers decide who is right and who is wrong."

Shruggingoffallegationsmadein the biography that she manipulated Hazarika's will, Lajmi simply said, "The matter is being probed in the Guwahati court. Let the law decide." Unruffled, Lajmi will continue to pursue her dream of immortalising her mentor's work.

"The Bhupen Hazarika Cultural Trust will continue its endeavour. I will continue to urge the Assam government to build a Samadhi and a museum in his memory. Those who genuinely care for Bhupen's name and reputation should work toward furthering his cause rather than indulging in petty squabbles,"said the filmmaker.

Attempts to reach Tej failed.