Saturday, February 23, 2013

The sham of the Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Samadhi Sthal

The birth anniversary of Assam Ratna, the late lyrical bard, Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, an apostle of universal brotherhood and cosmopolitan camaraderie would henceforth be observed as the “State Integration Day” by the State Government of Assam. The Chief Minister of Assam made the above announcement on the 8th of September,2012 at the 86th birthday celebration of the maestro. The state government also intimated a number of initiatives to commemorate Bhupen da’s contribution to art and culture, even as almost cent percent of the towering promises that were made after his doleful demise in November 2011 still stands unfulfilled. The indifference being meted out to the euphonious great has amassed massive criticism from a major cross section of the media fraternity.

As per Gogoi Rs 1.5 Crores has already been sanctioned for the development of the cremation site and for building a memorial. The government argues that it does take a considerable amount of time to build a memorial august enough to match the stature of the musical genius. The statement in entirety sounds eccentric for, the lack of intent is pretty palpable. Although it is well over a year since his decease, as yet only a tender has been floated inviting architects to submit detailed designs of the memorial to be built at the site.................