Saturday, April 19, 2014

Pooja Bhatt backs out of Kalpana Lajmi's dream project; Prosenjit to play Bhupen Hazarika

The proposed bio-pic on Assam’s maverick musician the late Bhupen Hazarika, his soul-mate Kalpana Lajmi’s dream project, has found a hero in Prosenjit but lost its producer.
Pooja Bhatt was not only supposed to produce the film, she was also the most probable actor to play Kalpana Lajmi in the bio-pic. For reasons best known to her, Pooja has decided to part ways with the project.
Explaining her decision Pooja says the script for the Hazarika bio-pic was not up to the mark. “My father (Mahesh Bhatt) felt the material that was intended to go into the screenplay was not investment-worthy. He is the creative backbone of the project and I take my creative decisions based on his cues, suggestions and instructions.”
Kalpana Lajmi admits Pooja has backed out of her dream project. “Pooja has decided not to go ahead with this film under her banner. However her father has encouraged me throughout and is creatively involved with the project although Pooja has opted out.”
When asked why Pooja has backed out Kalpana smiled, “No specific reason was given to me. During the journey of a film from inception to completion, such setbacks do happen.”
The filmmaker who has been having trouble putting a project together for the last 7 years says there is no animosity with Pooja. “We’ve parted amicably. I continue to hold Mahesh and Pooja in high esteem. Mahesh is my mentor and his wife Soni Razdan is one of my closest friends,”
Kalpana says she is now hunting for an alternative producer. “Prosenjit has agreed to play Bhupen. But now I need to find another producer. If I’ve found the actor to play Bhupenda I am sure I will find the funds too.”