Sunday, February 26, 2017

Dr Hiren Saikia’s Priceless Offering : Dr Bhupen Hazarika Live

........Dr Saikia, who fiercely prides himself in Assamese culture and heritage, recorded quite a few of Dr Bhupen Hazarika’s musical shows held in various parts of the State with an ordinary yet reliable tape recorder as a student. Like countless other fans and admirers of the music maestro, the young Saikia was obsessed with the Sudhakantha’s uniquely deep baritone voice and his evergreen compositions with their incredibly rich and powerful lyrics. Imbued with an unshakable will and an insatiable infatuation, Dr Saikia toured and recorded the Bard’s programmes with the magnetic tape recorder, despite the occasional hindrance in some of the venues.

Dr Saikia’s tireless efforts have resulted in the compilation of three of Dr Hazarika’s rare musical conferences that he had carefully preserved for the last four decades. These invaluable recordings took place in Silchar (1976), Jorhat (1979) and Dibrugarh (1983).......